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"Therapist and angel"

"My daughter Blake was diagnosed with Autism when she was around 2 1/2 years old. We always knew something wasn't quite right; she was non-verbal, lacked consistent eye contact, and would not respond to her name. She would line her toys up and was obsessed with her ABC's. We were fortunate to have received services quickly. That is when we met Julie or otherwise know to my wife and I as our angel. Julie was an amazing speech therapist. She was compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, and truly had our daughter's best interest at heart. She had spent countless hours of her own time putting together different things in order to aid our daughter. She would take time to train my wife and I on lesson plans to make sure Blake would receive a consistent therapy. Blake had responded extremely well to Julie's therapy sessions and had grown to loving when Julie would come over. We saw remarkable improvements with Julie working with her. She had started to be able to say small words which was a blessing in our eyes. She has continued to improve and I credit Julie for that. I would recommend Julie to anyone that is in need of these services. She truly is a remarkable therapist and angel."

Mike and Sodda Roth

"Any child would be extremely lucky to have Miss Julie"

"My grandson has had the wonderful opportunity to have Miss Julie as a therapist. Michael was diagnosed with moderate autism at 19 months. My daughter immediately changed his diet and sought therapy and what ever else was out there to help him. He made great progress and at 4 years old its very hard to tell that he is autistic. Miss Julie taught Michael and brought him to a completely different level. She incorporates using the imagination, finding pictures to visualize and finally acting the story the child has created. She has family members act out each scene. I think she is amazing and the children are so happy to add to the story. Michael's sister and cousin was always allowed to be a part of Michael's therapy. Any child will be extremely lucky and would benefit greatly to have Miss Julie as a therapist. Any family will be very grateful for her services. I am very sad that she left [Philadelphia.]  I highly recommend Miss Julie.


Debbie DiOrio"

"Pleasant and gets results that are lasting"

"My family and I have been seeing Mrs. Julie Meyerowitz for a few weeks. I have seen quick improvements in my sons attention span and his interest in other people. She introduced us to a technique called "mirroring" and not only does my son respond well, it has become a family bonding tool. I look forward to many more sessions with Julie. She's pleasant and gets results that are lasting. She makes sure she explains every activity and that there are no unanswered questions. We are grateful for her." LP

"She was a miracle worker"

"My son Adam is 4 and was just diagnosed with autism spectrum, but he has been receiving speech therapy since he was 3. When he was 2 years old my husband and I noticed that Adam was not speaking as much as other children his age, so his pediatrician referred him to therapy. He had a therapist that came home that summer, my son was making little progress but he was still babbling a lot and just using two-words sentences. Fortunately for my family, Julie got send to us this summer. Adam had so much fun with her and started making giant progress, I could not believe this was my son. His vocabulary increased tremendously, he was able to put a whole sentence together. Julie was friendly and understood exactly how to interact with Adam and bring the best out of him. she taught us technics on how to continue to help my son improve with his speech. She was a miracle worker and my family and I will be forever grateful for her help. And without a heartbeat I will recommend her to anybody who has a child with speech delay." MA

"Patient and kind"

"We had the opportunity to work with Julie a few years ago. My son, Jace was diagnosed with autism when he was around 2 years old. He was non- verbal until he was about 4 years old. There's was little, if any eye contact and constant rocking. He kept to himself because he didn't know how to communicate with anyone. When he was 5, he started going to Anne Frank school where we met Julie. She was patient, kind and had a great disposition. Jace took to her right away. With her help and guidance, we noticed that he started to become more and more verbal. We also noticed there was more eye contact. He started making friends and became more confident in his ability to communicate with other kids. We were very pleased with the results Jace got with Julie and would recommend her to anyone and everyone."

Rick Henry

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