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You have taken an important step in establishing a genuine connection with your child with ASD. 

  • Have you ever wondered what your child would say if he could freely express himself in his own words?
  • Do you just know there's more of her in there, if only you could reach it?
  • Do you often think, "There's so much more to the world... If only I could get him to see it?"
  • Have you often longed for a genuine connection with your child?
  • Do you often wish your child could have, not just social skills, but real friendships?
  • Do you worry about how your child can/ will care for himself when you're not around? 

With RDI, we can develop the dynamic intelligence your child needs for genuine human connection and independence.

We can unlock these questions, together.


"Dynamic intelligence..., learning to effectively cope with uncertainty and challenge is an essential ability... to be able to succeed... in the years to come."  

--Dr. Steven Gutstein, Ph.D., Founder of RDI

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